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Bauen Wohnen Lifestyle is an important meeting for the housing industry and those who are renovating or building a new house.

We gather everything about home, garden and holiday in one place. In three days, thousands of dedicated and affluent people stop at Bauen Wohnen Lifestyle for tips, inspiration and great deals for their projects.

Our fairs are held in 14 cities across the country and two in northern Germany.

Sie sind auf der Suche nach einem kompetenten Messepartner in Schleswig-Holstein? Dann haben Sie ihn gefunden. Unsere Messen im Bereich Bauen, Wohnen, Einrichten, Handwerk, Wohnideen und Lifestyle, sowie Gesundheit haben Tradition und führen regionale Anbieter mit Ihren Kunden zusammen. Wir unterstützen Sie gern bei der Planung, Vorbereitung und Organisation Ihres Messeauftrittes.

Bauen Wohnen Lifestyle is a super venue for promoting and launching all kind of products and services for the housing industry. Join as an exhibitor at the housing fair and get:

  • Erhöhte Aufmerksamkeit
  • Erhöhte Glaubwürdigkeit
  • Erhöhte Reichweite
  • Umsatzsteigerung !

150,409 Besucher

visited Bauen Wohnen Lifestyle in 2014


Unsere Ausstellung ist attraktiv für Frauen und Männer

We renovate like never before, and put a lot of time and money in our homes.

On our exhibitions you'll meet affluent visitors of both sexes, looking for exactly what they need to get their dream home come true.

Wir haben Besucher aus aller Altersgruppen

Upgrading, expansion and change of residence occurs in all phases of life, and people of all ages and stages of life are seeking that information and inspiration at our exhibitions.

With us you will meet young people who are about to establish themselves, adults and middle-aged who are upgrading existing houses or build new and older who will furnish a new and easy-care housing.

Treffen Sie Tausende von potenziellen Kunden in 3 Tagen

Bauen Wohnen Lifestyle is an effective arena for inspiration, relationship building and making sales

72% of transactions are made during the event

Our visitors are looking for inspiration, advice from experts, news and great deals. They are in buying mode, eager to get started on their projects. We guarantee you that there will be selling!

69% of transactions are made after the event

Many people visit Bauen Wohnen Lifestyle to get inspiration and good offers. Then evaluate the offers when they get home and order from the exhibitors they saw at the exhibitions.

Unsere Messe, Ihre Fläche, Ihr Erfolg - seit 20 Jahren!

überdurchschnittlich zufriedene Gäste jedes Jahr - erkennbar an rund 70 Prozent Stammgäste.

Meeting someone interesting at the exhibition can stimulate customers ideas and thoughts that linger for a long time.
Gina Nilsen

Gina Nilsen
Store Manager

Comfort Fredrikstad Arne Nilsen AS

The top 5 on Bauen Wohnen Lifestyle

Our audience is interested in everything related to home and garden. The five most popular areas of interest are:

Our visitors will happily return to Bauen Wohnen Lifestyle

“For Future Home, Bauen Wohnen Lifestyle was a perfect venue for our market launch. All the contacts and conversations we got has meant that we now have new potential customers.”
Sigbjorn Groven

Sigbjørn Groven

Future Home

“Our participation at the exhibition has definitely contributed to a solid growth in business and a positive and good reputation. The number of contracts has increased and that helped us to achieve new goals.”
Siri Haust

Siri Haust


Treffen Sie viele potenziellen Kunden

The best kind of relationships are face to face. On Bauen Wohnen Lifestyle we give the housing industry a face, and introduce you to prospect customers. If you are attending one of our exhibitions with something good to offer, you are going to be noticed, guaranteed.

Our exhibitions attracts a lot of people with renovation plans. They expect to find everything they need and get great deals and inspiration for their homes. And many of the visitors also drop by you store after they have evaluated the offers.

Did you know that our visitors spend five times more money on housing renovation than the average Norwegian? All the relationships and transactions that take place at Bauen Wohnen Lifestyle, continues happening to the exhibitors in the weeks and months after the show.

Are you looking forward to upscale your customer base? You can do that at Bauen Wohnen Lifestyle!

Wir treffen die richtige Zielgruppe, diejenigen die ihre Zuhause renovieren möchten, und diejenigen der nur Inspiration für einen Kommenden Renovierung suchen
Charlotte Lüthcke

Charlotte Lüthcke
Geschäftsführer Epoq Küchen

Lefdal Elektromarked

Hier Bekommen Sie mehr Aufmerksamkeit und Sie können Ihren Umsatz steigern

Mehr Aufmerksamkeit, mehr Kontakte und steigern Sie Ihren Umsatz mit unseren gezielten Werbeangebote


We offer you a cost effective targeted advertising. Our digital newsletters are sent to all the visitors that have already visited our exhibitions before.

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Advertise on our newspaper and reach your target audience! The newspaper is distributed locally before each exhibition, both by mail and digitally.

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“My first impression after participating in our first exhibition in Arendal is that Boligmesse was organized by a real professionals. The exhibition had record visits and attracted both locals and other people from the surrounding area.”
Per Evensen

Per Evensen

Møbelringen Arendal

Our services

Rental of modern exhibition equipment

It's very easy to order all the equipment you need on Dinstand.No. And if you need any assistance when setting up your stand, we'll be there for you.

You can rent furniture, booth walls, carpets, banners, lighting, electronic equipment, and much more!

1. You can order the equipment on the exhibition's own page at Dinstand.
2. The equipment will be ready byt the time you arrive at the exhibition.
3. You will receive an invoice for the equipment you have hired.

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